Евровидение-2012. "Бурановские бабушки"/Eurovision 2012. "Buranovskiye Babushki" / Автор: Владимир Широков/Vladimir Shirokov

    Who and how voted for Russia at Eurovision-2012

    Loreen from Sweden won the song contest with 372 points; a little less to the absolute record of the Eurovision (the Norwegian Alexander Rybak got 387 points). "Buranovskiye Babushki" received the second place and 259 points. Who and how much loved our singers?

    Europe made us worry. At the beginning of voting the grannies were on the second position, but after that they lost it to the Serbian singer Zeljko Joksimovic. However they again and finally returned themselves "silver".

    So, out of 42 countries only Switzerland gave no points to "Buranovskiye Babushki"   (as well as Russia because it could not vote for its singers).  Here is how other countries voted for the Russian grannies:

    3 points - Albania, Malta, the United Kingdom, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovakia.
    4 points - Montenegro, Romania, France, Greece, Macedonia and the Netherlands.
    5 points - Austria, Cyprus and Georgia.
    6 points - Moldova, Bulgaria, Croatia, Lithuania and Ireland.
    7 points  - Turkey, Iceland, Sweden, Serbia, Germany, Hungary and Israel.
    8 points - Belgium, Slovenia, Portugal, Norway, Estonia, Denmark, Spain and Finland.
    10 points - Ukraine, Azerbaijan, San Marino, Latvia and Italy.
    12 points - Belarus .

    The Final of Eurovision-2012 and the voting were broadcasted by the TV channel Russia, the Mayak radio station and Vesti.Ru.