Евровидение-2012. "Бурановские бабушки" пьют чай с журналистами /Eurovision 2012. "Buranovskiye Babushki" are drinking tea with journalists / Автор: Владимир Широков/Vladimir Shirokov

    Church construction was begun in Buranovo

    "Buranovskiye Babushki" gave a tea party for reporters. This event was not planned in advance, but because of a big interest to the Russian group the grannies decided to meet with journalists again.

    The grannies had the guests at the country house, where they stay during the Eurovision song contest. The house is well guarded and strangers are not allowed in but the media was given an exception. The Vesti.Ru reporter had a cup of tea with the grannies and asked them a few questions.

    - My dear grannies, congratulations on the Final!

    - Thank you very much! And we congratulate you on this! (Laughing)

    - You were very good in the first semi-final. Were you able to see other performances?

    - Of course! We liked Bulgaria. Moldova was good. And Albania has a great voice!

    - As I know, the Final is not only the reason for joy. Yesterday a long-awaited construction of the church was finally begun in Buranovo.

    - Yes, yes. That’s right! We are very happy. We even do not know what makes us happier - the Final or the construction. It has inspired us because we have been waiting it for long time. And finally yesterday they put the first pile. What a joy!

    - Congratulations!

    - Thank you very much! And thanks to all people who helped us!

    - I have heard that eco-tourism is getting very popular in Buranovo. Is this true?

    - There are such plans, but we have mixed feelings about it. We are afraid that it will harm Buranovo. After all, before the Eurovision nobody knew about the village and us. But now many journalists visit Buranovo. They disturb our peaceful and calm life. If tourists come they should be more respectful to our village and our lifestyle.

    Natalie Kiseleva, Vesti.Ru