Евровидение-2012. Русская вечеринка/Eurovision 2012. Russian party / Автор: Владимир Широков/Vladimir Shirokov

    Russian party for everybody

    The Russian party at the Eurovision song contest has been organized for last several years and always expected by journalists and fans. It is known as the funniest and most joyful event at the music contest.

    This year’s Russian party took place in the beautiful beach, 30 kilometers from Baku. "Buranovskiye Babushki" invited all the guests to its residency in the Sea Breeze Resort. A party is usually organized in the Euroclub. The Russian grannies were there only once at the opening ceremony. After visiting it they said: "And this is your praised Euroclub?"

    The grannies rehearsed all day and well prepared for the event. When Russian journalists arrived the singers were still doing sound check. An hour later, when all the guests gathered, the sports commentator Dmitry Guberniev appeared on the stage. This year Guberniev with Olga Shelest will comment the live broadcast of the Eurovision on TV channel Russia 1.

    "Buranovskiye Babushki" started the concert with the main hit of the Eurovision - 2012 “Party for everybody”. The audience in the hall was singing not only English chorus but also the lyrics in the Udmurt language. After that the grannies performed an old Udmurt song, which they had never sung before.
    At the end of the concert the grannies offered to play a game - they would sing a hit in the Udmurt, and the audience guessed what it was. The winner got a toy which had been done by the grannies the day before. During this game the Russian singers sang "Let it be" (The Beatles), "Hotel California" (The Eagles) and many other hits. The Vesti.Ru reporter got a gift for recognizing the Udmurt version of “Smoke on the water” (Deep Purple).

    Oleg Gazmanov arrived in Baku to support "Buranovskiye Babushki". He began his performance with the paraphrased song: "I love grannies, I will gather them together at the sea shore." The singer also said about a new trend of the song contest: "Russia is presented by grandmothers, the Great Britain sent Engelbert Humperdinck, who is 76 years old. Maybe I will dare to sing at the Eurovision, when I am 70”. Oleg Gazmanov sang his several songs, including "I was born in the Soviet Union”.

    The concert was finished by the Azerbaijan singer Emin Agalarov. He thanked the winners of the Eurovision - 2011 for bringing the contest to Baku. He also noted that it was an honor to perform on the same stage with "Buranovskiye Babushki". The grannies watched Agalarov’s performance in the VIP tent. After that they got in the electric car and left.

    The first semifinal of the Eurovision will be held on May 22 in the Baku Crystal Hall.

    Natalie Kiseleva, Vesti.Ru