Евровидение-2012. "Бурановские бабушки"/Eurovision 2012. "Buranovskiye Babushki". Прогулка по Баку / Автор: Камиль Фаткуллин/Kamil Fatkullin

    "Babushki" had an electric car tour in an old town

    In a break between rehearsals the granniesdecided to take a walk in Baku. The Russian delegation asked for an advice from the Azeri colleagues - where to go, what to see and where to find a guide. The hosts of the contest quickly gave answers.  They recommended to see an old part of town and organized an electric car tour for the Russian singers.

    The excursion was very comfortable but it was a real test for the grannies. We speak about the test of popularity. Residents of the city greeted the contestants with shouts of joy, and each wanted to take a picture. Men were saying about their love to them and comparing the Russian women with their mothers. Women praised the contestants ‘ dresses and their originality.

    In Baku almost everyone speaks Russian, so the grannies did not need an interpreter to hear all these wonderful words to their address. Anyhow they were able to see themain city attractions.  They were in the museum complex and saw the treasures of ancient rulers. And of course they visited an exhibition of local handicrafts. Patterns and ornaments of the items reminded grannies their own Udmurt culture.

    The director of the museum and the guide gave the singers souvenirs - dolls of colored thread, and in response received gifts from the grannies.

    The contest has not started yet and the grannies buy gifts for their relatives and friends and prepare stories for their grandchildren.

    Natalie Kiseleva, Vesti.Ru