Евровидение-2012. "Бурановские бабушки"/Eurovision 2012. "Buranovskiye Babushki" / Автор: Владимир Широков/Vladimir Shirokov

    "Babushki" don’t feel comfortable at the hotel

    "Buranovskiye Babushki" arrived in Baku. One of the first interviews they gave to a Vesti.ru reporter. They sang in an airplane and today they will have their first rehearsal in the Crystal Hall Arena. But first "Babushki" went to relax to the cottage (35 km from the city center), where they will live during the "Eurovision".

    - How was the flight? Do you feel well?

    - Yes, we flew very well and quickly. We did not even notice how we got here.

    - Are you afraid of flying?

    - Not at all. We love flying. We have already visited many places.

    - I saw before the flight your blood pressure was checked by doctors. Are you OK?

    - Yes, we are fine. We always check the pressure just in case. Because of the competition we have blossomed and did not think it would be like that. Look at us. We are happy. We forget about all our health problems. The competition gives us so much love and energy! We have never had it so much! We were told we were expected in Baku.

    - They say that you will not stay at the hotel as other contestants but at the luxury villa in local Rublevka?

    - What is Rublevka? Is it a village?

    - Well, sort of. It’s a village for the rich.

    - Oh, we're not rich! Do you want to know why we are not going to stay at the hotel?

    - Of course!

    - It’s very awkward for us to stay there. One can’t sing. Everything is scheduled. If you get up too early the breakfast is not served. In the hotel room there is a beautiful carpet. We start to take off our shoes but we are told not to do that. But how can we walk on it with shoes? When a hotel maid starts to clean a room we try to help her. We always clean our houses at home. So when we were offered to live in the house we were so glad!

    - Do you read what media writes about you?

    - Not on purpose. But if we come across any interesting article or program on TV, of course, we do. Although it sometimes upsets us. People write such things! Where do they find it? Come up with that? You start to think: should we have done it and why we got involved in all this? But we understand if we want to get money for the church we must do that. We try not to get upset when read lies about us.

    - This is another side of fame, do not worry. But there is another - people from all over the world send donations for your church.

    - Yes, and we are very grateful. So many people have responded! Therefore, in May the church foundation will be built. People send not just money, but so many touching letters, sometimes we even cry when read them. Children sent drawings.

    - Has the priest blessed you to participate in the contest?

    - Yes, although at first he did not like that idea. He initially did not approve mummery and pop music. But then he saw that there was nothing wrong and we sang from the heart he supported and blessed us.

    - Did your husbands allow you to go? Did you have any problems with them?

    - They allowed. They had no choice. Our children and grandchildren with our husbands helped us. My husband, for example, is a real Udmurt. He is a hunter, fisherman, he has golden hands. He doesn’t like much our theater and this competition. But he always supports me in everything. If there were not my husband, I would not be here.

    - Will your children fly here to support you?

    - They support us at home. Otherwise they will distract us.

    - Many people say that you win. Are you ready to fight for victory?

    - Of course we want to win. But we treat the contest as a concert. We like singing very much. We like watching people when we sing. We want to see Baku very much, walk a bit, talk to people and eat delicious food. We concerned more about it now.

    - It’s very common during the Eurovision Song Contest to perform at parties. Will you do this?

    - Yes, we will perform a few times. We will not just sing «Party for everybody», but also folk songs in Udmurt, The Beatles and «We are the champions». But first we need to rest and get to know everything. The rehearsals will start very soon. This is very important for us and more important than any parties.

    Natalie Kiseleva, Vesti.Ru