"Babushki" will treat Europeans with perepechi

As you know, the Russian stove will be on stage during the performance of "Buranovskyie Babushki" at the Eurovision song contest in Baku. However, grannies would like perepechi (the Udmurt national dish) to appear from the stove at the end of the song.

What is perepechi? This question is answered by Denis Sugar, a historian and ethnographer from Izhevsk.

Perepechi is a baked bread cake with an open filling. However, there are important cooking tricks. First of all it’s made of unleavened dough. Secondly, for preparing dough it is necessary a lot of eggs, more precisely egg yolks which give it a distinctive quality.

Udmurt name - "perepechi" comes from the Russian "perepechi." From the same word is the name of Tatar dish "peremәch" (peremyach) - however, Tatars  have another recipe. It is possible that the idea was borrowed from the Russian cuisine.

Perepechi is done the following way. The dough is prepared from flour, butter, egg yolks, water or milk (you can add a little salt). The finished dough is rolled into pellets, up to 10 centimeters in diameter. Put meat in the dough and make high edges. After that, put the pastry on the baking pan and bake. For filling can be used minced meat (including poultry), mushroom, potato or cabbage. In some places it is prepared with the blood.

They are served immediately after baking. In Izhevsk eateries perepechi is the most popular dish. It is very well known and loved in Udmurtia.

Bon Appetite!